A careful selection of fine coffees of the Arabica and Robusta species, coming from the best tropical crops in the world and roasted in an expert way respecting the Italian tradition.

From the roasting of seeds of some species of small tropical plants (belonging to the genus Coffea), and from their grinding, the coffee drink is obtained. Among the various types of species the most used are the Arabica and the Robusta.

The Arabica is native to Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya and its use has ancient origins. The beans are recognized for their elongated and oval shape and have a lower caffeine concentration than the Robusta, its ideal habitat is the high altitude cultivation. The Arabica typically has a delicate flavor, with hints of acidity more or less pronounced and with intense aromatic sensations (appreciable especially in the best qualities).

The Robusta is one of the most cultivated species and is native to tropical Africa, between Guinea and Uganda, it adapts well to environmental conditions and is therefore of simple cultivation. The beans have a more rounded shape than the Arabica and have a more or less straight furrow in the center. The Robusta is typically vigorous, characterized by a sense of bitterness, and makes the drink dense.

From the best coffee crops.

Italian roasting.

For an intense coffee to taste like at the bar.

The first step in the production of the first step for a great product. The raw material arrives in the company and undergoes strict checks.

With their skills and experience, our in-house staff use electronic equipment to select, mix and roast the product. Then the automated packaging in hermetically sealed bags maintains the high quality standards, so that the environmental conditions do not alter the unmistakable taste.

A reliable and trained team as well as an innovative and effective production process are the secret to a high quality product.A careful selection of the raw material in the countries of origin, attentive to the habitat of the crops and to the correct ripening of the fruits, is the first step for an excellent product. The raw material arrives in the company and is subjected to careful control. Internal resources, thanks to their skills and experience, provide, through electronic means, to select, mix and toast the product and automatically package it in hermetically sealed bags in order to maintain high quality standards such that environmental conditions do not alternate the unmistakable taste .

Torrefazione Lucchese del Caffè develops its corporate mission as an importer and roaster of fine coffee. Purchases are made directly in the main producing countries, to guarantee a carefully selected and constant product quality. The composition of the mixtures is entrusted to expert tasters who put their experience at the disposal of the company to guarantee an ever higher quality standard.

The organization has defined and formalized its own “company policy”, with the desire to highlight and disseminate its objectives and strategies. In this declaration of intent, the pursuit of the quality of the products, their safety / wholesomeness and the systematic observance by the Torrefazione Lucchese del Caffè of the current legislation emerge with decision.

The hygienic-sanitary safety of the coffee is guaranteed by a careful risk analysis, carried out in compliance with the Principles of the Codex Alimentarius and of the EC Regulation 852/2004 smi, which led to the identification of corporate CCPs, CPs and GMPs, fundamental for product monitoring and control.
The corporate CCPs are subjected to careful monitoring activities, adequately recorded and subjected to periodic verification activities.

The production process is characterized by a high level of computerization, as is the management of the processes of the Quality System. The company information tools are of the latest generation and allow processing speed and certainty of data recording.